SAP HR Course Training Online and SAP HR Certification

SAP HR Course Training Online and SAP HR Certification

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Looking for the Best SAP HR Training Course Online and SAP HR Certification.

Hi and Hello from Learn HR Blog. We have recently received many queries regarding information about the best Online SAP HR Training Course in India, and also asking various questions about sap hr software, sap hr course fees, sap hr course details and regarding salary and career growth. Therefore I have decided to write an article to make clarity on all the doubts pertaining to sap software, modules covered, different sap hr courses, certifications, salary, career growth etc.

We will start by knowing about SAP Software and HR Modules in SAP.

What is SAP and what are the SAP HR Modules?

Simply telling, SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) is a software system containing many modules that covers almost all the departments of a business and helps to run big corporate businesses very smoothly connecting all departments with ease. Some of the modules are MM Module, FICO Module, SD Module, ABAP Module, HANA Module, HR Module commonly called as HCM Module (Human Capital Management Module), etc.
The SAP HR Software Module is the module in SAP that covers all the HR functions of a Company. The HR Modules in SAP contains Organisation Management (OM) Module, Personnel Administration (PA) Module, Personnel Development (PD) Module, Recruitment Module, SAP Payroll Module, Time Management Module, Enterprise Compensation Management Module, Benefits Management Module, and Reporting Module. The employee in the Organization who handles all the above said HR Module is known as SAP HR End User.

SAP for HR Professionals – Salary and Career Growth

HR Professionals with good SAP HR Knowledge, Experience or Certification has a very high career opportunity and growth in India as well as in abroad countries as there are more than 2lac companies that have already implemented SAP Software and the list is still growing steadily. Having the knowledge in all SAP HR modules and having SAP HR Course Certification, you have high chances to get into a good company with a very good salary package. The salary for SAP Professionals ranges from 10lac to 45lac rupees depending on the Company, Experience, Location, etc.

Finding the best from the various SAP HR Courses

After much research, it was found that there are many SAP HR courses available in the market but don’t cover in-depth or don’t cover all modules in HR. As you might be aware, most of the available SAP training courses are just video-based tutorials which are very easy to watch but it will be very hard to learn since SAP is a bit complicated software and requires some time to learn. If we need to learn SAP we need to work on the software itself. So after that, I have researched for courses that had the option to learn on the SAP Software itself and we found an awesome training program which is completely Practical oriented self-paced online training program and the best part is that we need to learn directly within the SAP Software to cover each module in SAP HR. We will be getting hands-on experience while using the emolution of the software and all the hr modules are covered in-depth inside the training. Unlike other sap hr training programs currently available in the market where we don’t get the option to study using the software, the training course by International SAP Academy provides the best Online SAP HR Course trained from directly within the SAP software. Another positive side of this SAP HR Course is that normally SAP Payroll training is a bit hard to understand but this course has gone in-depth and so clear, making it as easy as possible so that even a fresher can understand quite easily. Also, all the infotypes (commands to do certain functions in SAP) in SAP HR Module are clearly covered in the training program.

SAP HR Certification Cost and other Course details

There are 3 types of courses with the difference in fees provided by International SAP Academy based on the number of modules covered. The cost or fees of the training program also ranges based on these types of certification. The Basic Course covers only 3 modules, the Intermediate Course covers 6 modules and the Advanced Level Course covers all the 10 Modules and the price ranges between Rs.15,ooo to Rs.32000. For more detail, you may visit

Thank you and keep asking more hr related questions at Will be posting more articles soon. Until then bye.

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