HR Training in Pune, HR Courses in Pune, HR Certification Institute

HR Training in Pune, HR Courses in Pune, HR Certification Institute

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A Comprehensive Note for All those who are looking for the Best Institute providing Core HR Training in Pune and providing the Top HR Courses and HR Certifications including HR Analytics Course Certification and SAP HR Course Certification in Pune or in India

The HR Training Institute which we are going to refer today is India’s Best HR Training Institute providing complete Practical HR Generalist Training including Advanced HR Training Courses and HR Certification Courses such as HR Analytics Course and SAP HR Course at affordable fees for all Working HR Professionals and Freshers in Pune or anywhere in India. This HR Training Center also provides short term HR Courses with placement support. The HR Training Institute which Learn HR Blog is going to refer to all Working HR Professionals, HR Aspirants, Under Graduates, MBA HR Graduates, Freshers and Beginners who are in search of an HR job and to build a strong career in HR is International HR Academy (IHRA, This is India’s No1 HR Training Centre providing complete HR Generalist Course, HR Analytics Course, SAP HR Course, and many short Term HR Courses with International HR Certification. These Certification Courses in HR are highly beneficial for both Working HR Professionals and HR Freshers if you are in Pune or anywhere around India. Therefore in this article, we will be discussing complete details of the HR Training Courses offered by IHRA.

Core Practical HR Training with International HR Certification and HR Courses for Working Professionals and HR Freshers in Pune

IHRA provides Complete In-depth Practical HR Training with International HR Certifications. The HR Courses offered by International HR Academy cover all the core HR Modules and HR Softwares for you to learn complete HR Generalist Role in a Company. The Advanced Skilled Diploma Course in HR is the most Top rated HR Training Course in India. This HR course should be taken by all HR Working Professionals and Freshers who are looking for an HR Training Institute in Pune to build a strong HR profile since the training covers around 40+ HR Modules including sub-modules of HR and also covers training on all HR Software used in Big MNC Companies and Corporates. The HR Certificate issued for the students on successfully completing the Course is Internationally valid and recognized in around 210 countries.

Why HR Professionals and HR Freshers in Pune should take the Advanced Practical HR Training Course provided by IHRA?

As a fresher or an HR Professional working in small companies, where you have not got a chance to work in all the HR Generalist Jobs as well as not got a chance to work with the HR Softwares will find it very difficult to compete with Highly experienced candidates in HR Interviews. The major difference between HR Freshers (along with normal HR Professionals working in small Companies) in Pune and the Corporate level experienced Employees is basically the practical knowledge in all the HR Generalist Modules which they have gained by working in the Corporate Sectors. The second major benefit over you is that these highly experienced employees will have a thorough knowledge of how to use the HR Softwares used to automate different HR Functions in Big Organisations which puts them on the driving seat during the Interview. The third most important factor is that these employees knowing the importance of having Recognized HR Certifications will time to time attend external (HR Certification Training Programs conducted outside of the Company) and internal training program (HR Certification Training Programs conducted by the Company) to attain different HR Certifications which will definitely help them to build a strong HR Profile and to highlight it in their resume. This is the reason why most fail to get a good HR offer from Companies in Pune since you are competing with these guys who are thoroughly professional in building their profile. But IHRA’s Advanced Practical HR Training Course will help you to cover all these three issues which you might be facing while attending Interviews. Let’s see how?

How IHRA’s Practical HR Generalist Course helps you to get an HR Job in Pune, India?

As discussed earlier, as an HR Professional or even if you are a fresher or a beginner in the field of HR, you have to have complete Practical HR Knowledge of all HR Functions in HR Operations role or HR Generalist role to compete with the Experienced HR Professionals. Also, you need to understand that many HR Softwares are used in the Market to automate almost all the functions of HR in Companies with many employees. So attending interviews in these Companies, you have to make sure to have complete knowledge on how to use the HR Softwares as well, otherwise, it is confirmed that these companies won’t hire you. Also highlighting Recognised HR Certifications in the Resume also shows to the employer that you are keen on learning and keep your HR knowledge updated. But as seen currently in Job Market, no Freshers, Beginners, MBA HR Graduates, or even most of the HR Working PRofessionals in Pune are unaware of this fact. This is where IHRA, HR Training Institute’s Advanced Skilled Diploma Program helps you in bridging the gap between you and the above-said issues.

Features and Benefits of the Advanced Online HR Training Classes conducted by IHRA

The HR Classes of the Skilled Diploma Course is completely practical oriented and online conducted by working Human Resource Professionals having 10+ years of experience and having in-depth knowledge in all the functions of an HR Generalist Role as well as HR Operations. The HRM Course covers all HR Modules such as Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Manpower Planning, HR Payroll Administration, Learning and Development (or Training ad Development), Onboarding, Offboarding, and also covers all advanced HR topics such as People Analytics, HR Dashboarding, HR Auditing, Disciplinary Action, etc. Also, all HR Softwares are covered along with this HR Training Course including Applicant Tracking System, Talent Acquisition Screening Software, HRMS (HRIS), SAP HR, HR Payroll training in Software, and much more. To get the complete details of all the modules you may visit IHRA website

List of HR Certifications you will be awarded by IHRA who are the top providers of HR Certification Courses in Pune

After successfully completing the Skilled Diploma in HR Generalist Certification Course and on clearing the Online Examination conducted by University under the ISO Educational Norms and Standard Guidelines, you will be awarded the list of following HR Certifications issued by NACTET, under Government of India, NCT, New Delhi.

1. Advanced Skilled Diploma in Human Resource Generalist

2. Certified Payroll Professional

3. Certified Recruitment Specialist

4.Certified Professional in HR Analytics and Dashboarding

5.Certified SAP HCM Professional

All these HR Certifications issued after the Skilled Diploma HR Generalist Course are Internationally Recognized and valid in more than 210 nations.

HR Analytics Certification and Training covered in Skilled Diploma Course in Human Resource Generalist Program if you are looking for HR Analytics Course in Pune

As all might be aware of the fact that one of the most trending and highly paid job profiles in the field of Human Resource Management is currently HR Analytics. Even though the HR Analytics Training and HR Certification is quite expensive and is normally provided separately, International Human Resource Academy, knowing the importance of HR Analytics has included the HR Analytics Training Course inside the Skilled Diploma in HR Generalist Course. After the HR Course, each student will be awarded HR Analytics Certification – “Certified Professional in HR Analytics and Dashboarding”

SAP HR Training and Courses Fees also Included in the Advanced HR Training by IHRA for Working Professionals who are looking for SAP HR Training in Pune

The most used ERP Software by big Companies is SAP Software. This is a very powerful software used to control the whole Company department wise and each department of the Company is termed as a Module. HCM is the name given to the Human Resource Department and HCM stands for Human Capital Management and this is the Module that all HR Professionals have to learn and get certified in. The Advanced Skilled Diploma Program covers SAP HR or SAP HCM Module completely in an Online Self Learning Training Module where each student will be provided with individual SAP Training Licenses to work and learn in. After the SAP HCM Training is completed each student will be awarded Certified SAP HCM Professional Certification along with the other HR Certifications.

LEARN HR BLOG highly recommends International HR Training Insitute’s HR Classes to all HR Professionals and Freshers looking for Advanced Practical HR Training Course, Short Term HR Courses or HR Generalist Course in Pune

If you are really looking to build a strong HR Profile by learning all the practical side of HR Operations and HR Generalist Role as well as to get thorough knowledge on how to use all HR Softwares and to get Internationally Certified, then Learn HR Blog highly advises each one of you even if you are Working HR Professional, HR Freshers, MBA HR Graduate, Under Graduate, Beginner in HR or an HR Aspirant looking to build a career in HR to join IHRA’s Skilled Diploma in Human Resource Generalist Program since the HR Classes provided are highly advanced and Practical and offers 100% placement support. They also provide International HR Certification on completion of the HR Training Course successfully. This HR training is definitely going to help you get a good job in HR like HR Manager Jobs, HR Executive Jobs, HR Payroll Job, HR, and Admin Jobs, etc in Pune. For the complete details of the HR Program, you can visit International HR Academy’s  Official Website

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