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HR Courses in Kolkata, Best Practical HR Training Institute in Kolkata

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A Detailed Report about the Best HR Courses in Kolkata and Practical HR Training Institute in Kolkata providing HR Generalist Training with SAP HR Training and HR Analytics Training (Short Term Courses in Human Resource Management) along with International HR Certification.

Hi and Welcome back to yet another Blog Article of Learn HR Blog. This time we are going to discuss the top HR Courses and the best HR Training Institute in Kolkata providing complete Practical HR Generalist Short Term Courses along with advanced Modules such as SAP HR Training and HR Analytics Training with HR Certification. We have received a lot of requests from Students and Working Professionals asking to help find the best HR Course to build a strong career in the field of Human Resource Management.

First, we will discuss What is an HR Course, and what should be covered in the HR Training Program?

HR Courses in Kolkata and Top Institute providing Practical HR Generalist Training

Courses or Training that are provided by a Recognised Institute in the area of Human Resource Management (HRM) with properly accredited Certifications are generally termed as HR Courses and the Institutes that provide these HR Courses are called HR Training Institute. When an employee is able to handle almost all the HR Functions or Operations (based on a Company) of an HR Department he/ she is called as HR Generalist. Therefore training provided on all the Modules of HR covering complete functions of Human Resources is called HR Generalist Training. So all HR Professionals who are planning to build an HR career in Kolkata have to opt for the best hr training institute in Kolkata which provides complete HR Generalist Practical Training on all the HR Modules. The HR Course may be online or offline but you have to make sure that all HR Topics are covered practically. Now the second part is that in big Corporate Companies they will be using HR Management Softwares to automate HR Activities and HR Jobs. Therefore while applying to these kinds of Companies you have to make sure that you have enough knowledge on how to work on these HR Softwares as well. While opting for an HR course in Kolkata you have to opt for an HR Generalist Practical Training which covers all HR Softwares as well which is very important. And the third most important factor to make sure while enrolling in an HR Training Institute either for a Short Term Human Resource Management Course or a Long Term one is to check the credibility of the HR Certification issued after the Training Program is completed. The HR Certification should be issued by a recognized University and not from the HR Training Institute and should be Internationally Affiliated if you are planning to go abroad later. The HR Training Course and the HR Training Institute that Learn HR Blog is going to recommend you to join covers all these major features for you.

IHRA, India’s Best Practical HR Generalist Training Institute with International HR Certification for all Working Professionals and Freshers in Kolkata

As stated in the last session, Learn HR Blog after much research has found one of the top Practical HR Generalist Training Providers for all HR Aspirants and Working HR Professionals in Kolkata and the training center’s name is IHRA, International HR Academy (, India’s top-rated HR Training Institute providing complete Training on End to End HR Functions (all HR Generalist Modules) with all Corporate HR Softwares and International HR Certification. This is a 100% Job Oriented HR Generalist Course and is rated as one of the best hr courses in India. IHRA’s training program covers all the HR Modules including Recruitment, Payroll Management, Statutory Compliance, Training and Development, Attendance Management, etc to most advanced HR Modules such as People/ HR Analytics, HR Dashboarding, Employee Relations, Disciplinary Action, etc and are covered in Depth. Also, the most advanced HR Softwares such as ATS, Screening Software, HR Analytics and HR Dashboarding Software, HRIS/ HRMS Software, and many more HR Automation tools are trained live in the HR Course. The HR Training Course is completely online and is perfect for Working Professionals. This HR Certification Course will definitely help you to kickstart your Human Resource career within a very short period of time.

IHRA’s Advanced Skilled Diploma in HR, one of the best HR Certification Courses in HR

International HR Academy’s most advanced HR Certification Course is Advanced Skilled Diplome in HRM which is India’s best HR Certification Course for all including Working HR Professionals, Beginners, Freshers in HR, and MBA HR Passed out students in Kolkata who are looking to get an offer from a Good Company. Each student, after successfully completing the HR Course and upon writing an Online Exam conducted by University under ISO Educational Guideline Standards will be awarded International HR Certification issued by the University and accredited under NACTET, New Delhi. This HR Certification is worldwide valid across 210+ countries. This will be highly beneficial if you planning to go abroad or even while applying for HR Job vacancies in good Companies in India. Doing an HR Certification Course from IHRA will definitely boost your Profile and lays a strong platform to build an HR Career.

Are you also looking for SAP HR Training Institutes in Kolkata? SAP HR/ HCM Training and Certification is also covered inside the Advanced Skilled Diploma in HR Course

SAP HR or SAP HCM Module is a part of SAP Software (an ERP Software) used to control the functions of the HR Department in Big Companies. Having knowledge in using the SAP HR Module and being a certified SAP HR Professional will definitely all additional advantage for you while applying for HR jobs in SAP HCM implemented Companies. SAP HR Training is also covered along with this Program. IHRA is one of the top sap hr training institutes for HR Professionals in Kolkata. After successfully completing the Course under University Norms, along with the International Skilled Diploma HR Certification you will also be awarded Certified SAP HR Professional Certification.

If you are also looking for an HR Analytics Course in Kolkata, IHRA’s Advanced HR Training Course has got you covered

One of HR’s most highly paid Job Profile currently in Indian Job Market is HR Analytics and HR Dashboarding Professional. If you are not aware of what HR Analytics is, HR Analytics is a function in the Human Resource Management field where HR Department collects different important HR Data Points to provide to the top Management which is immediately used by the Management to take quick decisions to run the Company. The data points collected by HR will vary from Company to Company. The data collected is used to improve the performance of the employees. HR Analytics is also used to keep a live track of day to day activities of employees so that Management can take quick action based on the reports collected through these data points. The Graphical Representation of these Data Points for the Management to understand is known as HR Dashboarding. This HR Analytics Job Profile is highly in trend now and Companies are short of HR Professionals who know how to work on it since it is a bit technical. IHRA’s Online Advanced HR Training Course covers in-depth HR Analytics Training and HR Analytics Certification as well. This is highly beneficial for those who are looking for an HR Course and HR Analytics Course in Kolkata.

IHRA provides Short Term HR Courses for Working HR Professionals looking for Online Practical Short Courses in Human Resources in Kolkata

For those who are looking for short term HR Courses with HR Certification, International HR Academy offers different HR Training Courses and HR Workshops on individual modules of HRM such as Recruitment Training Courses, Payroll Training Courses, Training and Development Course, HRIS Course, HRSS Course, etc and after the Course or HR Workshop is completed you will be awarded will HR Certification for the course which you have attended. This is beneficial for Working Professionals in Kolkata but Learn Blog doesn’t recommend you to do individual modules just because learning individual modules will not help you to get an HR job in a good company as an HR Generalist or in HR Operations. But for those who are having in-depth knowledge about all the HR Generalist Modules can go with the short term HR Courses available with IHRA.

Learn HR Blog Highly Recommends all Freshers, MBA HR Graduates, Freshers, and Working HR Professionals in Kolkata to join International HR Academy’s Advanced Skilled Diploma HR Training Course

IHRA’s Skilled Diploma Program is India’s most Advanced HR Generalist Training Program providing complete Practical Training on all HR Modules of HRM and on all Corporate Softwares. This Course is highly recommended to everyone who is looking for an HR Job and will be beneficial to everyone who is searching and applying for hr vacancies or jobs in Kolkata. This course is 100% Job Oriented. The HR Certification provided by IHRA is Internationally valid and recognized in more than 210 nations. This HR Training Course will definitely help you to jumpstart your career in the Human Resource Field. For more details about the Courses and Fee Structure, you can visit International HR Academy’s Official Website

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