Best HR Certification Courses In India for HR Professionals and for MBA Students

Best HR Certification Courses in India for HR Professionals, MBA Students and Freshers

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Best HR Certification Courses In India for HR Professionals and for MBA Students

Hello and Welcome back to Learn HR Blog. This time I am going to write an article on the best hr certification courses in India for HR Professionals, MBA Students, and for Freshers seeking to start a career in HR.

Before we start we need to know how to become hr professional (This is for Freshers and MBA Graduates and not for the working hr professionals) We will start from here and then we will go through the different types of HR Certifications in India, the difference between free online hr certification courses and the paid hr programs and finally we will go through Learn HR Blog’s highly recommended hr course among all the hr certification courses in India why it is the best for hr freshers, MBA students and working hr professionals who are seeking to advance their career in HR or to find a better job opportunity.

How to become HR Professional and what are the basic requisites to start a career in HR?

As most of you think (especially freshers and graduates) that for getting an HR Job it is mandatory to have an MBA in HR or at least need to be a BBA Graduate. I have received a lot many questions regarding this from other Graduates and Post Graduates who are not from the field of Business Management qualification. It is a myth that MBA or BBA is required for an HR Job. You need to understand that only some companies (less than 20%) will be strictly asking for MBA in HR or BBA for entry-level HR Jobs such as HR Executive, Sr.HR Executive, HR Associate, HR Trainee, etc but also keep it in mind that for Management Level HR Jobs such as Management Trainee HR, Asst Manager HR, Deputy Manager HR, and above it would be preferable to have an MBA or Post Graduate Diploma Certification. For the entry-level, you just need to have a certification in hr from a reputed certification institute and good practical HR Knowledge on all the HR Modules. To be frank, HR is very easy to learn and get a highly paid job if you have good knowledge and a valid hr certification.

Types of HR Certification in India

There are different types of HR Certifications available in India which are conducted both classroom-based or through online mode. It actually doesn’t matter what the mode of training is (whether online or offline), what matters the most is the quality of training and the affiliation of the certification provided by the hr certification Institute. There are different hr certification programs available in the market such as international hr certification, hr generalist certification, hr professional certification or sometimes focusing on a particular job in HR such as Payroll Certification, HRIS Certification, Performance Appraisal certifications, etc. Before you join for any of these certifications make sure to check the validity, authority, and which authorized body is issuing the certificate. This is very important especially if you are going for an hr job abroad. The program which I recommend at the last of this article is a University-affiliated certification and also an International HR certification. (We will check it out later)

Best HR Certification Courses in HR for Freshers – Important things to Note

Online you will be able to find different hr certification programs and as I told you earlier while selecting the best hr certification you have to check the authorization of the certification. The second most important is to check whether the training is Practical which means whether the training provided is Job Oriented and not theoretical. This is as important as the certification since Companies don’t want employees to have theoretical or textual knowledge, what they want is job oriented practical knowledge on how to do the job in hr, where they can make you work from day one, and as an employee, you will be more productive in their eyes. That is why almost all Companies are selecting experienced persons over freshers in HR. In interviews, these freshers won’t be able to clear interviews either due to lack of on the job practical knowledge or due to not having any proper hr certification. This same condition is also applicable for all MBA students searching for the best certification courses for MBA students or searching for certification courses in hr after MBA. And finally, you need to verify that all the HR modules are also covered inside the program including Recruitment and Selection, Payroll, Statutory Compliances, HRIS, Attendance and Leave Management, Performance Management System, HR Analytics, Onboarding, Offboarding, Full and Final Settlement, and HR Softwares which are now very important since human resource department is focusing on automating most of its functions using different HR Softwares to reduce workload and increase productivity.

Why not go with the “free” online hr certification courses in India?

While researching I came across many free online hr certification courses in India which was either fake and most of them don’t know what an hr certification course even means. They have uploaded many video tutorials available from Youtube inside a webpage, most of them were outdated or out of topic from which I have understood that most hr institutes available now are not genuine or not conducting proper hr training courses beneficial for the students and good training programs are very less in number. Therefore always be careful while selecting the certification course for you to join.

Which is the best hr certification in India for HR Professionals, Freshers and MBA students?

Among hundreds of hr certification programs available in India, finding the best hr certification courses from the list was a very tedious job for us. We came across many hr courses but almost 80% to 90% was issuing hr certification from their institute and had no value or accreditations or affiliations. Finally, we found a really amazing HR course provided by International HR Academy ( commonly called IHRA. The course conducted by them are completely practical and covers all HR Modules including all the major HR Softwares available in the market. The course is completely online and is conducted by highly experienced working professionals live and students will be able to attend the classes from home and directly interact with the faculty and clear their doubts. For each topic, assignments have to be submitted by the students in IHRA Cloud Server using the student’s login credentials issued by IHRA when enrolled for the program. The exam is conducted by JAIN University (a deemed University)to ensure the quality of the course and certification. The Skilled Diploma HR certification is Internationally Accredited and University Affiliated. This course is one of the best online hr certification courses in India for hr professionals which much better than most of the online and classroom trainings available right now in the market. For all the details regarding the online hr certification courses conducted by IHRA you may visit their official website IHRA Website Link.

That was a big article but hope that this post will be really helpful for many. To give your suggestions, provide feedback or have any questions you can email to us at

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