Best HR Analytics Course, HR Analytics Certification, Tools and Jobs in India

HR Analytics Course, HR Analytics Certification, Tools, Jobs in India

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Finding the Best HR Analytics Course, HR Analytics Certification, HR Analytics Tools, Career Growth and Job Opportunities in India

Hi and welcome once again to Learn HR Blog. Today I am going to write a detailed guide on how to find the best HR Analytics Course, HR Analytics Certification, Tools Used, Career Growth, and Job Opportunities in India. From the emails we have received lately I have understood that most of our blog fans are not aware of exactly “What is HR Analytics?” Therefore before we go into the depths of HR Analytics we will first learn about HR Analytics, what it is, and the importance of HR Analytics in Companies. So let’s start.

What is HR Analytics?

HR Analytics is an area in the field of human resources (HR) which when integrated into the department by using various tools and processes helps to get statistical or analytical reports of various functions happening inside the hr department which eventually helps them to improve the efficiency and performance of employees using the analytical data collected from the process. This will help HR professionals to make quick decisions on what improvements has to be made in the workplace as well as in the working areas of employees so as to increase the performance and productivity of the employees and thus helping immensely in the growth of the Organisation’s Business. By analyzing the various data collected, HR can come to know immediately where to make a quick change in the current working condition of the Company, and such changes even if it is small can make a huge difference in both performances of employees as well as the ROI of the Company.

HR Analytics Examples and their Importance.

There are various examples and use cases of HR Analytics which can be implemented to small and large scale business can show a high return of investment as well as high improvement in the performance of employees. Some of the examples are listed below.

1. Evaluating Absenteeism by employees on a yearly basis

2. Calculating the Attrition and Retention rate and the causes for the same on a quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis.

3. Evaluating the Performance Metrics provided to each employee and keeping an updated track of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of each employee

4. Study analysis of Recruitment Data such as applications received, rate of candidates turning in for interviews, reasons of candidates not turning in for interviews, rate of acceptance and rejection of offer letters, etc

5. Maintaining Database of employees included with all demographic details, skills, performance tracking, etc from day 1 so as to get the career track of a particular employee or a group of employees as and when required by the Management.

6. Analyzing the Learning and Development (Training and Development) process happening in the Organisation

These are some of the examples of HR Analytics and when studied and implemented properly can make a huge difference in the whole performance of the business. The study analysis done through HR Analytics if used properly by the Management to create an action plan for the Company can make a huge impact on the performance of the employees and to maintain a powerful workforce in the Organization. This is why it is very important to implement such systems in the Company so as to grow quickly by rectifying issues immediately and as and when required in this competitive business world.

Which are the free HR Analytics Tools and Softwares available in the Market?

There are different types of HR Analytics tools and HR Analytics software available in the market, some of them are highly charged and some others are free tools for companies to implement but the major issue faced by HR professionals is to know how to implement the whole HR Analytics setup inside the Organisation and also to know which are the important evaluation metrics needed for their Organisation since these metrics or reports required will change from business to business. The HR Analytics Certification course which I am going to recommend last is going to teach you exactly how to implement HR Analytics in your Company and the best part is that they use all free HR Analytics tools to teach you to implement the whole system. Apart from that Paid Tools are also covered. I highly recommend you to join this Program even if you are a working HR professional and currently dealing with HR Analytics due to the various reasons which I will be mentioning below.

HR Analytics Jobs and Job Opportunities in India

As from what you have read till now in this article you might have understood by now why it is very important to have such a system in the Company to grow fast by keeping a track of all HR related reports and to create improvement plans based on these reports by the Management. Now the job opportunities are highly increasing as almost all good companies have understood the need for implementing HR Analytics in their Company. The salary package provided for HR Analytics Professional ranges between 35,000 to 90,000 rupees based on the Companies, locations, and experience of the candidate. As per Google, the trend for HR Analytics is going to keep on steadily increasing for the next 12 years. The hr analytics job description will seem to be a bit awkward even for working hr professionals and to MBA freshers who are looking to shift to HR Analytics job since the terms used in HR Analytics are a bit different and a bit technical due to the usage of different tools and software. It is highly recommended to all job seekers to undergo a very good practical course, get Certified, and then start building a career in HR Analytics.

HR Analytics Course and HR Analytics Certification in India

As per the request of many of our Blog Members to search for the best training program, we have gone through many of the HR Analytics courses and HR Analytics Certifications available in India and found that there are many courses currently available now in the market. But the major problem I came across in almost all training courses is that none of them are practical training and don’t cover the complete hr analytics course syllabus and topics which are essentially required for you to convert into a highly professional HR analytic expert. As per my suggestion, the course syllabus should be constructed in such a way that it should provide theoretical explanation less and concentrate more on the practical side on how to use the HR Analytics tools and software and the implementation part which is more important for you as a professional working in the organization or for a fresher who is going to give interviews in good Companies. Talking about the Certification, it should be issued from an authorized body or a good affiliation body such as a University or a reputed Certification body. What I have seen with most of the certifications available in the market is that the institutes issue their own course completion certification which won’t be useful for you if you are going for an Interview with good Companies or applying for a job abroad. Try not to join such HR Analytics Courses as it will not do any good for your career, Also I have been asked about whether it is good to join any free hr analytics course available. The answer is no since without attending practical and live sessions it will be very hard for you to understand the implementation part and you will be having a large number of doubts to clear. As told earlier there will not be any genuine HR Analytics Certification as well available with these types of courses. If you just need the theoretical knowledge an not the practical side it is more than enough to see youtube videos that are available in plenty. But if you are intending to build a career in HR Analytics it is better to join a good reputed HR training and certification institute.

Best HR Analytics Course and Certification in India. Recommended No1 Online Course.

After very long research, we found one of the best HR Analytics certification courses currently available in India which is provided by IHRA  ( The course provided by them is completely Practical in-depth online training covering both free HR Analytics Tools and Software as well as Paid tool and teach you to step by step on how to implement HR Analytics in your organization and to visually connect it with HR Dashboard (An HR Graphical Reporting Interphase) for showing different HR Analytics report and metrics in one dynamic graphical screen and it will change instantly on providing the commands as per our requirement. Previously HR Dashboard was done in excel but now it can be done and automated using free high-end tools available in the market. After the course based on an exam conducted by Jain University, you will be awarded the HR Analytics Professional Certification. The Certification is highly valid and Internationally Recognised. So Learn HR Blog highly recommends everyone to join International HR Academy as it is one of the best HR Analytics Certification Course in India. For more details regarding the course, you can visit their official website

Hope this article has helped you to learn and know more about HR Analytics and it’s importance in any Organisation. If you have any questions or need any help feel free to get in touch with me at See you all soon.

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