Best HR Courses for Working Professionals in India and HR Related Courses

Best HR Courses for Working Professionals in India

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Find out the Best HR Courses for Working Professionals

Hi and hello once again from Learn HR Blog. Happy to see you back in my Learn HR Blog. Last week I received a mail from Ankit Sharma, Mumbai asking for the best HR Courses for Working Professionals and also asked to help him find out the best hr short courses available online in India since he is a working professional and needs to get good practical knowledge in HR along with a professional hr certification.

So today I am going to write a detailed guide on finding out the best HR course for working professionals and a highly recommended HR professional course for all working professionals. I have also noticed that there are quite a few hr short courses in India but the institutes providing practical courses in HR are very less. I have gone through each one and these are my findings to help you find the best hr certification course in India.

First of all, to become a proper HR Professional you need to know what are the major hr modules you need to learn in an hr course to gain complete knowledge in HR.

What are the major HR Modules to be covered in an HR Course for an HR Professional in India?

While going through the course modules we have to make sure that the following modules of HR are covered inside the HR program. These hr modules are really essential for the growth of your hr career. As per the current market of HR Job openings, the hr courses should cover all modules including Recruitment, Onboarding Formalities, Attendance Management, Payroll Management, Statutory Compliances, HRIS or HRMS (Human Resource Information System or Human Resource Management System), Training and Development (Learning and Development), Performance Management System (PMS or Performance Appraisal System), Exit Formalities and Full and Final Settlement. There is also an important HR module which is booming right now in trend which is HR Analytics. It would be really great if HR Analytics is included in the module since most of the courses for hr professionals as well as all MBA related hr courses don’t provide this module or even if they are providing they are charging separately or heavily for just this one module.

What is the cost or fees charged for courses in HR provided by various HR institutes?

As per the analysis done in the Indian market, the cost or fees for hr certification courses in India or other hr related courses varies from Modules Covered, Location, Quality of Training, Mode of Training, Duration of Training, etc and the fees ranges from Rs.10,000 to Rs.4,50,000. And it was also found that most hr courses for working professionals currently available in the market are not at all satisfactory either due to the course modules, the contents of each module, fees, quality of training or due to the value of the hr certification provided. The major issue apart from all this is that most of the hr courses available in India are not practically covered which is very important and essential for building your HR Career and I will be explaining below why you should always opt to go with practical oriented HR Course.

Why “Practical” Courses for HR should be preferred always?

Even if you are a working professional or a fresher you have to understand that theoretical knowledge or textual knowledge will do no good during your interview with Companies. We have to be up to the market trends and in this competitive world with many experienced hr professionals, we have to compete with them for which we need to possess the knowledge of what these Experienced HR Professionals are having, if not more. Currently, the chances for hr freshers to get a good job in HR are diminishing due to the fact that they are not having enough knowledge (due to the bad education system where no practical exposure is received during studies ) or due to no hr experience. And the problem faced by working professionals is that in their current Company they might have not got enough exposure in all modules of hr due to various reasons such as the size of the Company (maybe a small company), lack of enough employees to implement all human resource functions, lack of proper HR System in the Organisation or being cornered by other senior hr staffs without teaching you new work and repetitively making you work on the same old silly hr and admin works. This happens/is happening with almost all HR Professionals who are working currently. So how to overcome this issue? The best way is to do a good practical hr certification course which will help you to jump above all these hurdles that you are facing now (even if you are a fresher or an experienced hr professional) where you will get to learn what exactly are the functions of Human Resource department, learn what are the exact duties that each employee has to do for each hr function, learn how all these functions interwork or interlink with each other to ensure the smooth running of human resource department, how and which all are the hr software used in Corporate Companies to automate different works of HR Department, etc. This knowledge is essential and will help you a lot while attending interviews and competing with the experienced candidates. From the study analysis made, it has been understood that around 75% of working HR Professionals are unaware or don’t have the knowledge of the complete HR Functions. This is actually a great opportunity for freshers and working professionals to take a good “practical” HR professional Course, gain knowledge, get certified, and have all the essentials required for you to crack the interviews in good companies thus taking your hr career to the next level.

Regular Classroom training or Online HR Courses in India. Which one to select?

It has been noticed that for the past 3 years almost 80% of the Educational Institutes (across all streams) in India are providing online training of various courses along with the regular classroom courses conducted in their local locations. With the help of high-speed Internet and other online facilities available now, a faculty can conduct a class from their office and a student can attend the same from his or her home, ask doubts live with the faculty, submit assignments, write exams and get certified completely live using the online platform. This is really helpful for outstation students who are not having good courses available near there locality, for working professionals who cannot attend regular classroom training, for people who cannot go down to far places where the good courses are provided. The major issue is not the mode of training but finding good quality training whether it is online hr training or hr class training. In fact, the training program which I am going to recommend to you is also an Online HR Course, which is one of the best among the HR certification courses in India. And another advice from us is not to go with free online hr training videos available which will not be sufficient enough for you to get the knowledge you need to build your career in HR.

The Best HR Course in India recommended by Learn HR Blog for working professionals in India as well as for Freshers.

Finally, after all the research for finding the best hr courses for working professionals, we have found a highly professional HR Course conducted by a well-reputed firm with highly experienced faculties. The Organisation’s name is International HR Academy (IHRA) providing completely Practical HR Courses and covering all HR Modules including HR Analytics and all High-End HR Softwares including ATS Software, Screening Software, HRIS Software, Payroll Software, Attendance Management Software with all employee tracking facilities and Candidate Sourcing Software. The Course is completely conducted through their live online platform by experienced faculties who are also working professionals and you as a student can attend the sessions online from your home. You can directly clear your doubts with the faculty and submit all your assignments in Cloud Server provided by IHRA. The hr classes conducted by them are really great and in-depth. After the program, there will be an online exam conducted by Jain University (a deemed to be University) and on successful completion, students will be provided with International Affiliated and University Accredited Certification accepted all across the world. The courses provide by IHRA are up to date and classes are completely practical oriented. It has also been found that along with their Advanced Skilled Diploma HR Certification Course they are also providing SAP Online Training Software License “completely free” for all students for a limited period of time which is an additional benefit for the students who are enrolling during the offer period. So Learn HR would HIGHLY recommend IHRA (International HR Academy) to all working hr professionals, freshers, and hr aspirants seeking to build their HR career and take it to the next level. To know more about the hr course online program and to get complete hr course details, you may visit IHRA official website using this link IHRA Link.

I hope that this article has provided good information and value for you in finding the best HR Certification Course available in India. See you soon with another article.

– Learn HR

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