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About Me and Learn HR Blog

Myself Ajay Mathew, an MBA Graduate, and an HR Professional with 12 years of experience and working currently as HR Manager for Accenture. I am also doing part-time blogging as you can see on this website. I have been training many Freshers, HR Aspirants, and Working Professionals to improve their skills in HR. I am also taking classes for MBA students as well as BBA Management Graduate students.

I have found that there are many individuals who are really willing to start building a career in HR but are not able to get a job in HR due to the fact that they are not getting proper guidance on where to start or how to start and what steps are to be taken to get into HR. Getting into HR is very easy but have to get past some hurdles. Proper Training and career guidance are essential for those who are facing this issue. Each individual requires different guidance as per their profile, therefore, I will not be able to explain everything over here. I have explained almost everything in the blog contents especially in the  “Best HR Courses and HR Training” Area. You will be able to access these pages from the Menu. I and my team have done a lot of research to find this recommended training as per the request of my blog members and I have talked with them as well. The best part about this training program is that they are really helpful in providing proper practical training, career guidance as well as interview training. They also provide free Resume Building Service as well as Interview Training to teach you how to crack interviews. The best part is that all the trainers are working HR professionals and know the complete HR Trends currently happening in the Industry.  They also cover almost all the Advanced HR Softwares currently being used in Corporates.

I have built this blog to train, educate, and provide valuable suggestions in the field of HR thus helping Freshers, Graduates, MBA Students, working professionals, and all HR Aspirants to kickstart a career in HR. I can write notes on any topic as per your request and will be publishing it on my blog so that it will be useful for all. Please note that the blog articles will be written and published on a “first come first serve basis”.  You can always get in touch with me by emailing me at info@learnhrblog.com

With Regards,

-Ajay Mathew